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Ram Jack vs Arizona Foundation Solutions

You may have remembered that we changed our name from Arizona Ram Jack to Arizona Foundation Solutions  last year. The main reason we did this was to better reflect in our name the more broad scope of solutions that we provide for you. Remember that if the only tool you have is a hammer, then all of your problems start looking like nails.
Thinking about your needs, we have positioned ourselves to provide the foundation solutions  for you that will encompass all of the tools that we bring to your home if they require. Tools like helical piles, hydraulic piles, micro piles, compaction grouting, down-in-the-hole hammering, mud jacking and many more. The reason this is important is that our local soil is highly variable, and sometimes really hard in various layers. If you don’t have all of the tools at your disposal, then you try to make do…by putting square pegs into round holes with less than optimal results.
As Arizona’s economy grows, we continue to attract out of state contractors who want to come here and set up shop. While I have nothing against that in principal, it can present several practical problems for a homeowner.
Arizona is a very dry climate and has been for millions of years. Clays that get wet swell up here. In other parts of the country with wetter historic climates the soil behaves opposite drying out and shrinking. The dry heaving action causes many problems for contractors and engineers in diagnosing problems, and about 50% of the time results in misdiagnosed foundation assessments. This is especially difficult for contractors who come from out of state and don’t understand Arizona soils.
Because Arizona soils are dryer, harder and denser, helical piles and push piles are not always able to penetrate to the minimum depth that is required to get past the moisture zone of influence (usually 10’ below grade in our type of soils). This is one of the reasons that we have developed so many techniques to underpin houses. We have the experience and equipment to deal with this when it arises. For contractors without the experience and equipment needed to deal with this, their only choice is to leave the pile above the minimum depth in the vulnerable zone of influence. Since again this condition is unique to the Southwest desert environments, out of town and less experienced contractors have difficulty even understanding these dynamics.
For these and many other reasons we have gone the extra mile to make sure you are getting the right solution, and that the solution is optimal for your unique soil conditions. We have a local registered Civil Engineer on our staff, reviewing our analysis and production. In addition, I have taken the time and effort to travel to Texas every year or more and join the Foundation Repair Association and the Foundation Performance Association and become a “Certified Foundation Repair Specialist”. This is not just some cheesy lay down title given out by a material supplier. It is a by the Foundation Repair Association, the only association of its kind in America. It requires a rigorous exam to be passed (of which about 50% fail the first time) and continuing education requirements every year, among other things.
As you may know, we are no longer an installer of Ram Jack products. We are supplied by Foundation Supportworks, the largest and most successful supplier of helical and push pile products and training for those products in the world. While there may be nothing wrong with Ram Jack products, the installer that is sent here from the east coast or where ever is not going to be familiar with the issues that are unique to our climate and soil conditions. So before you automatically allow just anyone in your home to diagnose and repair your foundation  make sure you trust their local experience, qualifications, and equipment needed to make sure you don’t end up with square pegs in round holes.

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What is in a Name? Arizona Ram Jack vs Arizona Foundation Solutions

AZ Ram Jack


You may have noticed in looking at our web site http://www.foundationrepairsaz.com that we have changed our name from Arizona Ram Jack to Arizona Foundation Solutions. So what is this all about? Are we changing our ownership? Our services? Our location? The answer is no to all of this

Over the years we have gradually diversified our services to include techology to take care of the requests of our clients that were not being met. This has resulted in a number of additional processes that have proven valuable to our clients. As I am fond of saying “if the only tool you have is a hammer, then all of your problems start looking like nails” Some examples of the services are Compaction Grouting, Slab Jacking, Micro piles, Pre-Construction Helical Pile foundation systems, Rock bolting, Crack stitching, and our latest innovation, Sallow Barrier Grouting. With this latest technology we have spent years developing it to solve a common problem, that previously had no good solutions for. It literally involves a chemical solutions injected below grade to stop moisture from migrating under the structure resulting in less soil heaving. More on this paticular service on a later blog.

The point I am making is that we see ourselves primarily in providing innovative solutions to meet challenging problems that our clients present to us. So we have adjusted our name to more accurately reflect our primary core of providing solutions to foundation problems.

Because we also do a large amount of commercial new construction and alterations, we felt that foundation repair did not encompass all of these types of services and that foundation solutions did encompass these services. So finally we bit the bullet and made the change. Hope you like it. Feel free to contact me and give me your thoughts.

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Adobe Restoration on Marriott Camelback Inn

I just ran across this You Tube video posted by The Marriott Camelback Inn on a project that we completed for them a few years ago. This is a Grand Hotel with a lot of history and all of us at Arizona Repair Masons are proud to have had a part in restoring this Phoenix icon. When you are in the area be sure to stop by this beautiful resort and check out our work. In the meantime click on this link to see the video.

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Ram Jack Foundation Systems Award

Ram Jack Foundation Systems Award

I am pleased to have received the attached recondition from Ram Jack Corporate for my success in 2012 in completing over a half of a million dollars in Ram Jack foundation systems projects. I extend my thanks to all my loyal clients that helped make this possible.

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Foundation Repair using Hydraulic Driven piles by Arizona Ram Jack

Check out this animated movie on YouTube to see how your foundation problems (residential or commercial) can be solved using Ram Jack Hydraulic Driven Piles.

For additional information contact me, Dewayne Craig at Arizona Ram Jack; dewayne@azrm.net or 602-763-1310.

Just click on the link below.



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2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012.

This blog got about 2,000 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 3 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

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