February Lunch and Golf Clinic


It was a beautiful sunny day at the Legacy Golf Club for our February Golf Clinic.

group photo
After lunch our group headed to the performance center for some pointers from the pros and then out to the course for a round of golf. Those attending from left to right were: Eric Hoffman, James Newhall, Bob Brown, Mike Abegg, Steve Spears, and Chuck Davis.

Fun in the sand

Fun in the sand

Getting a few tips on those bunker shots

Chuck Davis

Chuck Davis

Eric Hoffman

Eric Hoffman

Steve Spears

Steve Spears

James Newhal

James Newhal

Mike Abegg

Mike Abegg

Bob Brown

Bob Brown

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Foundation Supportworks Receives IAPMO approval for 288 Push Pile

Foundation Supportworks Receives IAPMO approval for 288 Push Pile

Congratulations to Foundation Supportworks our partner and supplier for Receiving IAPMO approval for the 288 push pile! This is tremendous achievement. First of all what is the IAPMO? The international Association of plumbing and mechanical officials? What? This may sound a little strange at first however this group has grown far beyond their original mandate in the last 70 years and provides third-party reporting for many products beyond plumbing and mechanical that building officials over the United States accept. To access their website click here. http://www.iapmo.org/Pages/IAPMOgroup.aspx . Why IAPMO? Since the ICC combined with Boca ICBO and several of the other reporting services they have come to become as you all may know is a Byzantine bureaucratic and political mess.

You can access the report itself by clicking onto this link. http://www.iapmoes.org/Documents/ER_0289.pdf . I also have copies in PDF form if anybody wants it.

Push pier underpinning

This report gives a solid rating for the 288 push pile. In fact the 28,500 pound capacity is the strongest in the industry by far and will do a lot for gaining acceptance of push piles as a reliable and trustworthy method of underpinning.

At Arizona Foundation Solutions we love innovation. We have been using the push pile system for many many years because it has a terrific track record as an underpinning product. Now we have the proof to back up the years of data for building officials to see for themselves with the third-party testing service.

Congratulations to Jeff Kortan, Kyle Olson, Don Deardorff and all of the engineers at Foundation Supportworks for having the foresight and will to see this through. It’s another example of why Foundation Supportworks is such a great partner and supplier.

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Great Fun and Networking at the Legacy Golf Resort

43A great time was had at this months Friday Golf Clinic. It is a great way to network with others in the construction industry while having a little fun.


Starting out with a lunch at the club house


Then everyone headed over to the Performance Center to get some                 tips from the pros

Those attending this Months event were: Don Rogers, Rick Stephen, Steve Spears,       Bryce Miner, Sheila Schmidt, Steven Gonzales, Alf Wold, Bill Sprague, Bob Brown, and Dewayne Craig

Everyone was able to take advantage of the great equipment available and the experience from the pros to tune up their game. Below are some photos during the training session.

32 31 30 27 25 23 22 18 17 15 11 10 7 6

           Ok now it’s time to put that training to the test, it’s out to the course for a round of golf.


Just another hard day at the office

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What’s all the talk about ARIZONA FOUNDATION SOLUTION?

Arizona Foundation Solutions

So what is all this talk about Arizona Foundation Solutions new name? Do we have a new owner? Has Bob Brown sold his foundation company? There seems to be a lot of talk and miss understanding in the market place so let’s set the record straight.

The truth is, Bob Brown is still the only Certified Foundation Repair Specialist in state of Arizona. Bob was the owner of Arizona Ram Jack LLC for over 14 years. He and his team of experts have completed hundreds of successful foundation repair projects and new construction deep foundation systems using the Ram Jack manufactured products. Earlier this year Bob made a decision to discontinue his relationship with Ram Jack. As our company continued to grow it became evident that to take the company to the next level and provide our clients with an even higher level of service some changes were necessary. After extensive research of the industry, Foundation Support Works came to the top of the list. They not only produced a great product but have a staff of experts to provide us and our clients with the highest level of service in the industry.

We believe it is not the name that is important, it’s what is behind the name. What is behind this new name, Arizona Foundation Solutions, is the expertise and customer service of Bob Brown and his team of professionals that you have trusted for years.  As we continue to grow and expand our level of service we are becoming the envy of our competitors. So don’t be confused by all the miss leading claims by others trying to ride on the success and a name that Bob Brown has spent years developing.

For additional information or to see the growing list of services we offer check us out at www.foundationrepairsaz.com or give us a call at 602-470-1311.

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My retirement creates job opening

After 8 great years with Arizona Foundation Solutions I will soon be semi-retiring. I will remain with AFS part time doing marketing for the company. This will creating an opening within the company for a sales/ estimator / project manager. If you or anyone you know would be interested in applying for this position please drop me a note at dewayne@azrm.net. I can tell you that this has been a fun, exciting and rewarding 8 years and that is why I am sticking around on a part time basis.

Dewayne Craig

Solutions Consultant

Arizona Foundation Solutions.

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We have a new name Arizona Foundation Solutions


Arizona Foundation Solutions

You may have noticed in looking at our web site http://www.foundationrepairsaz.com that we have changed our name from Arizona Ram Jack to Arizona Foundation Solutions. So what is this all about? Are we changing our ownership? Our services? Our location? The answer is to all of this NO!

Over the years we have gradually diversified our services to include techology to take care of the requests of our clients that were not being met. This has resulted in a number of additional processes that have proven valuable to our clients. As I am fond of saying “if the only tool you have is a hammer, then all of your problems start looking like nails” Some examples of the services are Compaction Grouting, Slab Jacking, Micro piles, Pre-Construction Helical Pile foundation systems, Rock bolting, Crack stitching, and our latest innovation, Sallow Barrier Grouting. With this latest technology we have spent years developing it to solve a common problem, that previously had no good solutions for. It literally involves a chemical solutions injected below grade to stop moisture from migrating under the structure resulting in less soil heaving. More on this paticular service on a later blog.

The point I am making is that we see ourselves primarily in providing innovative solutions to meet challenging problems that our clients present to us. So we have adjusted our name to more accurately reflect our primary core of providing solutions to foundation problems.

Because we also do a large amount of commercial new construction and alterations, we felt that foundation repair did not encompass all of these types of services and that foundation solutions did encompass these services. So finally we bit the bullet and made the change. Hope you like it. Feel free to contact me and give me your thoughts.

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Adobe Restoration on Marriott Camelback Inn

I just ran across this You Tube video posted by The Marriott Camelback Inn on a project that we completed for them a few years ago. This is a Grand Hotel with a lot of history and all of us at Arizona Repair Masons are proud to have had a part in restoring this Phoenix icon. When you are in the area be sure to stop by this beautiful resort and check out our work. In the meantime click on this link to see the video.

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